DSTV Christmas 2022

CLIENT: DSTV Credits: Riccardo Capecchi – Animation director, character creator, and storyboard supervisor Hilton Treves and team – 3D Animation    


Client: ESPN cinematographer: Mark Kohl  

City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts follows the true stories of two men who, in effort to provide for their families, left their native countries of Ukraine and Bulgaria

Can you see me campaign – Africa

This is the story of a young woman, the world is her oyster and her life should be carefree, but she doesn’t have a job and she can’t seem to find one

Can you see me campaign – Sex Tourism

Modern-day slavery is as real today as its ever been, and Sex Tourism is on the increase only slowed down by recent restrictions with travel


This is a true story representing the plight of many women and children in the world today

TCL Commercial

TCL Be Her

The Seaside

Simona's friend promised her that she could earn a lot of money working by the sea

Disney Quest

A ground-breaking immersive competition series that drops 8 young people into the fantastic, fictional world of Everealm

Breathe music video

To describe the lived experience of those suffering from a life of slavery

The Recruitment

Two siblings based in Latin America are victims of intrafamilial trafficking by their step-dad. The boy longs to attend school, and his older sister is looking for an escape. The girl meets a man who wines and dines her, only then to assault her sexually. She’s confused by the abuse, but he apologizes, and she […]

Lefranc Bourgeois – Libérez vos émotions

From the small spice shop in 1720 to the largest paint factory in the world today, Lefranc Bourgeois,has been opperating since 1720

Malibu Rum

Client: Malibu Rum

John Wick Promo

Client: ESPN

HP Spy

Client: HP

Menlyn DC

Client: Menlyn DC

HP Print

Client: HP

By the The river

Description: Stretching along the river Ganges rests Varanasi, the holiest of India’s seven sacred cities, and a place where devout Hindus go to die in hopes of achieving moksha – becoming liberated from the cycle of rebirth. Several so-called ‘death hotels’ exist to accommodate believers who abandon their lives and come here in wait for […]

Every Last Echo

Every Last Echo supports Aquila Young's EP as a visual exploration. It explores the idea of existence through the passage of life and the submission to the greater external agencies

Trafficked for Labour

Client: A21 Credits Executive Producer: Christian Elliott Director: Paul Neverson


Client: A21 Credits Executive Producer: Christian Elliott Director: Paul Nevison Cinematographer: Bjorn Amundsen