The Recruitment

Two siblings based in Latin America are victims of intrafamilial trafficking by their step-dad. The boy longs to attend school, and his older sister is looking for an escape. The girl meets a man who wines and dines her, only then to assault her sexually. She’s confused by the abuse, but he apologizes, and she brushes it aside because she wants to believe that he can help her and her brother out of their situation. He tells her of a great opportunity for her and her brother across the border. In short, his friend can help her find a job and help her brother go to school. It seems like a perfect answer to their current situation at home. Her “friend” arranges everything, and all that is required is for them both to get on a bus heading for the border. She’s eager for an escape from their terrible home life but she doesn’t realize her friend is a recruiter. They arrive at their destination only to find out they’ve been sold to work on the farm in dire circumstances. They just went from a bad situation to a worse one.


  • Directed by
    Christian Elliott, Neal Johnson
  • Cinematographer
    Mark Kohl
  • Produced by
    Nick Caine, Tim Norbury, Angel P. Puello, Manuel Villalona
  • Starring
    Vladimir Acevedo, J.D. Cabrera, Yván Jiménez


  • London Web Fest
    2022 Winner Quarter 1 Award: Best Production