Can you see me campaign – Africa


This is the story of a young woman, the world is her oyster and her life should be carefree, but she doesn’t have a job and she can’t seem to find one. She meets a great guy one night in a club and they click instantly. A whirlwind week follows of what seems like a “meant to be” romance. He even knows someone who has a job for her. She gets on a bus to Cape Town without hesitation. She meets his friend at the bus station as planned. But when she arrives at his house she realises quickly that is not going to be what she expected. The house is full of women, and some girls, there is open alcohol and lines everywhere. A girl looks at her with a numb expression. She tries to turn around and leave but he pulls a knife on her. He tells her “shut up, take a shower, and put these clothes on”. The clothes suggest that the “job” she will be doing is too shameful to say out loud. Fast forward a few weeks. It’s the hour of night that girls like her should not be out alone. But she lights up a cigarette on the street corner waiting for her next “client”. A few hours later the “client” throws the cash he owes her on the bed and she walks out. She walks down the street to that guy, her pimp. She gets into the car as a couple cross the street next to her. They lock eyes for a moment. She beckons them to see her cry for help. They stop, they look again…Can they see her?


  • Produced & Written by
    Christian Elliott
  • Directed by
    Brandon Carter
  • Cinematographer
    Bjorn Amundsen


  • London Web Festival: Winner 2021 – Best Cinematography